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February 27, 2021 4 min read


When we first saw a jaguar car, the thing that grabs our attention the most is its beautifully designed hood emblem. Jaguar is a high-end beautiful automobile that needs attention in all areas small or big. One of the important areas that needs replacement over time is its hood emblem. Jaguar hood emblem is attached to the trunk of the car. It is one of the most defining features of the car that attracts everyone. But the sad fact is it loses its vibrancy with time due to dust, rain, UV rays, pollution, and other climatic conditions. So, it needs to be replaced after some time. Most people think of it as a tricky process but it’s not if you follow a proper procedure. There are many emblems available in the market or online for your car. But it is advisable to replace it with the original best quality emblem so that you do not need frequent replacement. The type and size of the emblem you need vary according to the model of your jaguar. For instance, the hood bonnet grill badge emblem is suitable for XJ/XJL model and a leaping cat emblem is suitable for XF- XJF, XKF model. Get all types of jaguar hood emblem from car emblems for all the models.



Replacing a jaguar hood emblem is easy if you follow the proper steps. The type of emblem and size may vary according to the model of the car. If you find difficulty in choosing the exact size of logo for your car then you can check the number written on the backside of the original jaguar emblem.


Time need for replacing a jaguar hood emblem should be 10-15 minutes.



  • Masking tape
  • Plastic pry tool 
  • Dental floss


  • At the first step, it is advisable to tape the area around the hood to protect the paint of the car. Taping will also help you in protecting the car from scratches and other damages. 
  • Another step is to pop the hood and remove the large bolt which you will find under the base. This step can be performed with the hands only. 
  • At the next step start prying up the base from a plastic prying tool. Selecting the right pry tool is important to ease the whole process. It is recommended to select the tool with the thin tip as possible to remove the old emblem easily. Start scraping from the edges and then leave the scraper or the tool that you are using jammed under the hood so the gap is exposed. 
  • At the next step take a piece of dental floss slide it underneath the base to break down the adhesive. 
  • Put another scraper under the base. Now you have two scrapers jammed under the base. Use these scrapers to separate the base from the hood. Perform this step carefully so that you do not scratch your car’s paint.
  • The next step is to clean the adhesive from the hood and now your hood is ready to place a new emblem in it.


  • Take a new jaguar hood emblem, peel the tape paper from the back and place the emblem in the hood and that’s how the process is done. Your new jaguar hood emblem is ready. 



There are many jaguar hood emblems available in the market or online. But how do know which one is best suitable for you? Well, it depends upon the quality and features of the product. We can help you there too in deciding what features you should be looking into while purchasing an emblem. 


The emblem should be made up of good quality material so that it can last for a long time. It is advisable to always check the type of material before buying the emblem. It should be durable and strong so that it can withstand unfavorable environmental conditions like dust and pollution. 






A good quality jaguar hood emblem should have anti-rust quality and have the ability to withstand extreme corrosion so that it can last longer and does not require frequent changing. A good quality material can maintain clarity and luster on the emblem for a long time. 


Your jaguar hood emblem should have a waterproof design that protects the emblem from oxidation, dust, pollution, etc. It increases the life of the emblem and makes it extra durable. 


Your jaguar hood emblem should be designed in such a way that it makes the installation easy. Its grip should be good and handy so that you can place the emblem in the hood very easily. Its edges should not be too sharp to protect the surface of the car. 

Therefore, all these are the features that you should be looking into while purchasing the emblem for your car. Size and type of emblem vary according to the model of the car. Get every type of jaguar hood emblem of different sizes and models from car emblems.  
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