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Jaguar Hood ornament 7 Inches XJ 6/8 XJR XF S X Quality Assured

Jaguar Hood Ornament 

The 3D Growler Jaguar Hood Ornament Badge for Front Grille Chrome Logo Emblem for Jaguar is out now. Buy this Jaguar hood ornament emblem at the affordable price rates. The Jaguar badge emblem is made from the metal-based material ornament. It is a 3D logo for the Jaguar XJ/XJL. We sell we only the high-quality metal-based items that last longer.

Colors of a Jaguar Hood Ornament

The Jaguar hood ornament colors of silver and metallic grey are meant to symbolize sophistication as well as modernity. Also, the colors represent the integrity & its performance. While red represents the true passion for driving.

Specifications of Jaguar hood ornament 

  • The material used in this emblem is a good quality long-lasting one.
  • Perfect quality alloy metal is used in the emblem.
  • It comes with strong packaging.
  • Models of Jaguar that can use this emblem: XJ & XJL.
  • Colour used on the product: Chrome, silver, red.
  • Dimensions of the Jaguar badge or emblem: 72mm base.

How much does an Original Jaguar Hood Ornament cost?

The cost of a Jaguar Hood Ornament is £29.99.

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Something Interesting about Jaguar: Jaguar Hood Ornament History

The Jaguar ornament brings a new purpose to the idea of a spirit animal. Produced to meet the core values of the performance-focused luxury brand, the jaguar represents refinement, class, performance, strength, and the ambition to leap ahead.

  • The Leaping Jaguar: A sleek silver jaguar cat in mid-leap including a snarl on its face. Sometimes termed as the Jumping Jaguar, it was originally introduced as a hood ornament & is now a badge in silver, metallic grey & black.
  • The Roaring Jaguar: A circular emblem with a front-facing silver & red jaguar cat roaring. It is usually seen with a red background as well as a silver border, but old versions included a gold jaguar with a red background as well as the black border

The Jaguar colors of silver and metallic grey are meant to symbolize elegance and modernity, the black represents honor and performance, while a red represents the passion for the drive.

Fact about Jaguar Logo

The Jaguar hood ornament logo is an extremely effective corporate logo. And due to its striking clarity & consistency, it is honest to remember as well as to identify. The most prevalent colours that you will see in the Jaguar logo are red and silver, therefore. The silver colour depicts elegance, whereas the red colour stands for beauty, uprightness as well as purity. It has now become one of the world’s most popular, branded, adored as well as the instantly recognizable logos.

More Details:

The Jaguar hood ornament emblem is in the round shape with a roaring cat. This Jaguar Badge Hood Logo is made of a quality metallic material.


1x Jaguar Hood Ornament Emblem.

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