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Mercedes Benz LED Grill star badge C Class W204 W245 GLC 260 C200 CLA GLA 200


Mercedes illuminated star

Purchase the genuine Mercedes illuminated Star badge now. The badge comes with a front grille chrome star LED badge. Hurry!!! we sell this item worldwide. The Mercedes illuminated Star Grille emblem is 18.5cm in width. It is for the Mercedes-Benz Class A, B & C models. Buy a Mercedes-Benz illuminated grill star emblem at the best price.

This Mercedes illuminated Star is compatible with these models:

 To fit Mercedes-Benz 
Front Grille Chrome Star 
LED  Badge Logo Emblem
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W204 FIT
2008-2013 Year C class W204
2006-2012 Year GLK class W204
2005-2010 year B class W245

V class
Compatibility :
2008-13 Mercedes-Benz C-class W204 C180 C200CGI C200K C230 C260 C260 CGI C300 C200 C200 COUPE C350 C250


2006-12 Mercedes-Benz GLK-class W204 GLK220 GLK300 GLK350 GLK500♦2005-10 Mercedes-Benz W245 Mercedes-Benz B-class B160 B180 B200Model Name:BENZ C-Class.GLK.B-Class

Product Specifications:

  • Mercedes illuminated Star LED lights crafted with top quality ABS plastic material & will last for many years.
  • It features a specially designed LED lamp that has a life span of about 9-10,000 hours.
  • It is a direct replacement that improves the appearance of your Mercedes vehicle.
  • Carefully engineered to provide decoration and additional protection for Mercedes owners.
  • 18.5cm width.
  • Colours: Silver.
  • LED Colour: Bright White (5000k).
  • Fitting type: Push and twist.

Mercedes illuminated Star Badge 

This car grille badge is shock-resistant that prevents rusting & corrosion. Don’t allow your Mercedes-Benz to look old and outdated, this emblem will make it look cool and luxurious. The white colour gives a refined distinctive look and the attractive glowing rings will instantly draw attention to your Mercedes-Benz and bring you lots of compliments.

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Mercedes illuminated Star Grill Installation Process:


Can you add an illuminated star to Mercedes?

It can also be added as a stand-alone option. It can be installed on any Mercedes-Benz vehicle that was produced after the year 2013. Unless the model is equipped with DISTRONIC or DISTRONIC PLUS driver assistance though.

How much is the illuminated Mercedes star?

The star will set buyers back $41.27 during the purchase.

Comes with:

1 x Mercedes illuminated Star Grille Emblem.

More Words

We do not claim the product as the original one. It is a product made from PVC material. It can be used for different Mercedes-Benz models.